Bouwplaat Carbon 460x460x1,0mm

Bouwplaat Carbon 460x460x1,0mm
Manufacturer: German RepRap
Manufacturer part number: 100408
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With our 2nd generation carbon print plate you can say good-bye to the onerous task of covering the print bed with PET or Kapton tape. There is no more need for that. The models firmly stick to the plate yet can be removed easily. The underside of the model remains flat and smooth. Furthermore, the time delay between prints can be vastly reduced by replacing the carbon plate with the model on it with another carbon plate. That way, no time is wasted waiting for the print bed to cool down in order to remove the object. The 2nd generation plate is 1 mm / 0.39 inches strong and is hold in place on the print bed with 16 clamps.

The carbon plate is re-useable and has a long service life, as long as it hasn t been damaged.

Size: 460 x 460 x 1 mm for X400 3D Printers

Delivery items:
Carbon plate
16 clamps